Our Story

London and Forest is a fresh, new take on a gentleman’s lifestyle and gift store, born out of the frustration of receiving the same type of boring gifts, year after year for birthdays and having the experience repeated at Christmas, We knew there had to be a better way. Created by Geoffrey Sutherland and Joseph McGlone, gentlemen with completely different ideas on what constitutes as a quality gift or item. Geoffrey is a long standing, clean shaven professional with years behind him working for various companies in the city while Joseph is the complete opposite, an active outdoorsman who loves outdoor pursuits and feeling the fullness of a dense, carefully honed beard. After various discussions between them about how to best provide a store where a gentleman or his family member can easily identify the type of man they are buying for and a great gift for them, the foundations of London and Forest was made into what you see here today, a store that separated the two main types of gentleman in today’s society, the professional and the outdoorsman and many gifts that cross the barrier between the two.

The store you see before you provides a pain free, easy to use website that professionals and outdoorsmen (and their families) can and have used to find that perfect item, the brands we work with are known for their quality and manufacturing excellence and many have won awards to prove this. A large number of them are based in the UK and many use traditional, handmade manufacturing techniques, there are a few exceptions when the product or brand was deemed by us to be to good or important to the British gentleman to be left from our store. With a strong focus on brand Britain and quality items, we think you’d be hard pressed to find another store that provides the same consistent calibre of gentlemen’s accessories, at the same price as the manufacturers we work with and our level of uncompromised service.


Welcome weary gentleman and gift buyer, the search is over…

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