Featuring the last weekend travel bag you’re ever likely to buy or need, the Weekender combines the finest weatherproof materials with a British handmade quality that blows the competition out of the water, loved by businessmen, outdoorsmen and celebrities alike, choose this bag in one of it’s four colours and you’ll be upping your luggage game for life!

The two leather handles are laser-cut then stitched on the same machine that did this job 20 years ago. Billingham staff pair them together then hand-stitch to close, before the edge is finished and then prepared for our sewing line. The handles have reinforcements and are contoured, so are extremely comfortable over prolonged use. We use the same leather on the corners at points greater wear occurs, protecting the contents no matter how hard they travel.

FibreNyte Canvas is also implemented, which is waterproof, tough and light. Offered in four colours with complimentary leather tones and optional accessories to match.

The shoulder sling is made from shuttle woven spun polyester and can be adjusted for length with solid brass fittings. You can completely remove it if you’re checking the bag into hold luggage, or prefer the bag without. The bag includes our SP40 shoulder pad to attach to the sling for extra comfort.

When fully opened, using the full length coil zip and double pullers, the sides of the bag can be peeled backwards to offer a wide opening that helps you pack efficiently.

Inside there is an open net pocket with leather edging detail. You can store small items for quick retrieval here; and use the interior clip for keys, fobs or lanyards.

A removable base pad is included with the Weekender. This adds structure along the length of the bag, while still allowing the body to flex as it should around its width. It’s still comfortable to carry and some people prefer that support. We have also included our top-grain leather luggage tally with the bag.

The size means that it will fit into most airline cabin baggage dimensions. And fit into lockers. If you’re looking for the nicest bag at the gym or the easiest pack to travel with for a night or two away, both the Weekender (or smaller Overnighter) should be yours.

Please note, due to the handmade nature of these bags despatch can take between 5 and 15 days, sometimes quicker, these are shipped straight from the manufacturer for the fastest possible delivery times!


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